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The stones of the land are kin to my bones so I hail the holiness of the land that spreads broadly. The brine of the sea is akin to the blood in my veins so I honor the power and wisdom of the sea. The air of the sky is the same as the breath in my lungs so I venerate the sky’s divinity. With words of praise I honor the four winds, the night and the day, the sun and the moon, and whatever god or goddess rules over this place. Let the Goddess of the Dawn hear me today as I speak these lauds and make these offerings, as she shines her light across the land, water, and sky.

Bright One, Shining One, Goddess of the No-Longer-Night and Not-Yet-Day, will you open up the gates of morning? According to the order of things and the way of this world, I know your divine power will spill over the horizon. You will come from the east. Goddess, you will rise. You open the gates, goddess of the first light of day, as song birds sing furiously, as the world awakens. Your power and beauty are great, goddess, and so is my adoration for you. The devotion I work today is to call upon you, to be honored in my home, to be honored as I worship under the open sky, to be beloved and worshipped in my heart and on my altar. Goddess, white as birch bark, pure one, I honor you, I pour this libation to you. The blessings of your youth, your brightness, your movement over the horizon, I hail on your holy day, and worship you at your holy moment, your sacred time.

Let the favor of the Goddess of the Day’s first light flow into this nectar. And also, into this libation flow divine currents as I invoke holy things to worship the Dawn as I do: the frost of the northern places, and the heat of the deep earth, the brine of the seas, the cool waters that flow broadly across the land and the upward welling waters, Let this libation be blessed by the light of sun as it shines victoriously at the seasons’ stations, the light of the moon as it waxes and wanes, and the shining all of the lights of heaven as they fall to earth into this little sea that I hold in my hands. Let it be blessed by the oaks and the pines, the thundering of horses hooves, the speech of songbirds, the flight of cranes, and the movement of serpents across the land.

To the Goddess of the Dawn I pour this libation.

Goddess, bless me with the renewal of spring. Renew my health, renew my happiness, renew the depth of my learning and my quickness of my mind, and also the vigor of my body. Renewed troth, renewed purpose, a renewed journey. Let your light banishes the loneliness of the dark. Bless me with new possibilities and luck in my endeavors. Guide me in what ways that you can, knowing that mortals often struggle to hear a divine voice. Speak clearly to me. Be assured I honor you at my hearth, at my altar, and under the open sky, hailing and worshipping you among my most beloved among immortals. Help me to move forward. Let your light’s movement across the realms be my inspiration. Let your favor meet me at the beginning of each day. Bless me in the ways that I ask, and in the ways that I lack the wisdom to ask.

The Divine might of the Dawn Goddess flows into this drink I hold in my hands, and I take into myself her blessings as I drink it down.

So let the Shining, Rising Goddess who breaks apart the darkness in the east ward and bless me, my kin, our homes and our animals. Remember me because I remember you; remember me as I make my way across the land and across the seas, and as I hail and honor and love you. Remember and bless this true worshipper of the Dawn.

This rite has ended.

*** ( this libation draws heavily from Ceisiwr Serith's book "Deep Ancestors" )


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